John Wesley McKee Fireplaces & Stoves

We have been in business since 1969, a long running and established business. We have a vast range of fireplaces and stoves available. All our fireplaces and stoves are wood, coal or smokeless fuel burning and we are registered installers of stoves and fireplaces.

Marble Fireplaces

marble fireplaces

Our marble fireplaces are available in a cream marble, a beige marble form from Portugal as well as other colours.

Timber Fireplaces

timber fireplaces

We supply the full range including oak, walnut, mahogany or pine. Fireplaces available in all woods materials and styles.

Cast Iron Fireplaces

cast-iron fireplaces

Our cast iron fireplaces can fit right into a modern or tradional home. They are robust and hardwearing, perfect for a fire that is regulary used.


stoves fireplaces

The stoves that we stock have been designed with latest technology, which increase their efficiency. We stock the Dimplex range, Henley stoves and Broseley stoves.